Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Author Dawn Desiree Banks
Keep showering me with the trinkles
Sprinkle...raindrops of your love
Invade my soul with your purified water
Drown me with your aura
Let your waterfalls ease my heart

Kesha Finesse Murphy
let your body of love surround need to splurge...
i know your ships equipped...
i love the ripples will nourish my soul......
your love has me on a island of my own

Author Dawn Desiree Banks
where i don't want to leave;
i won't let go...
i want to indulge in our reality,
i want to mold our shower...
bring them on every hour...
form our very own rainbow thereafter...
in which we create our own colors...
love me like i love you;
like we love each other

Kesha Finesse Murphy
hard with lock and key
where no one can tamper
with entrance
of our heart
love me gently or love me not...
i have not worried
because your whole some love
has kept me....

Author Dawn Desiree Banks
From running into negativity...with your love;
i feel free to be me and i can love hard or soft with you...
be and do anything i want to do...
you warm my world with you inside; near me;
right by my side...
with you i don't want to ever
be in the position to say goodbye!

Author Dawn Desiree Banks
All Rights Reserved Copyright © Kesha Murphy

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