Wednesday, February 29, 2012

As i walked in i felt vibrations...
as it attracts and repelled to me like
a magnet...
as i stepped in melodic rhythm mimics
their whispers.....
i can't help but wonder what was
i found and asked the most elite
one of them all.....
why do every stare so effectiously...
he replied it's your aroma it's illuminating..
may i abstract you paint your portrait
you must see it ,your beauty so amazing
your eyes tell stories..
i would like to capture this one at the moment..
also paint the every curve that your body sculptures...
the mesmerize shine of your satin skin..
natural fullness of your lips
and the carmel color within..
lady your eye reads deep,pupils reflects
pain, love , that counteracts rage
then which abstracts beauty and humbleness...
no don't be frightful
not even bashful, no clothes removed
your beauty is all needed
you r eyes have stories to tell..
i respond i don't it
at that moment my eyes capture me
at the moment i saw you..
umm so unique ,handsome ,tall, and strong.
With broad shoulders
yes quite a universal soldier
i'm sold out ,go on portrait me...
Then if you don't mind may i sculpture thee....

All Rights Reserved Copyright © Kesha Murphy 2010

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