Thursday, March 1, 2012



Author Dawn Desiree Banks

Scene One

Author Dawn Desiree Banks

It’s been a minute ..sister
since you and I caught up
A new position has filled my cup
He is the sweetest thing;
True love is what he brings
You know how long
and hard
life has been with me
You know how long inside
when I was feeling empty
Before he came and swept my floor clean
You and my world was clearly the same
He is wonderful;
makes me feel so special
Had to share the new life with you;
as you are my sister friend......

Kesha Finesse Murphy

Sis yes it have me (smiling)
what have you here...
who has stolen your heart...
good to know someone...
of such character has occuppied
your thought's...

Sis how fortunate are we
I've also found someone
who's quite special to me....
he's so humble..
and very handsome
you know i don't like
them too.. pretty
or so si'ddidie
he is quite a gentleman
I can truly
say i found my best friend...
his love is so remarkable
and not speaking of his
love making....
It must be unatural
to find some one so real.....
but sis..
i have a business meeting
but we have to do more
catching up sis...

Scene 2
Author Dawn Desiree Banks

And catch up we will; have a beautiful day,
will talk with you soon.....

Dawn & Her Boo

Darling what a beautiful day to walk
the town and window shop
Let me hold your hand; skip and hop
For this love we share is so real
Being with you; where you and I both go deep and feel
Embracing our souls that have met
I have not come across another like you yet
Can’t you tell you rock my world
Not to mention after the gorgeous love-making;
How you allow me to lay upon you and curl
What a lovely day it is boo
Just the both of us; me and you
Loving how the people stare at my smiles; your smiles
How they see our love that goes beyond miles
There is no doubt that I trust you
Even shared my secret with my sista friend too
Let us keep close this day
With you by my side I will forever stay
Together in each other’s arms I pray

Kesha Finesse Murphy

Wow.....just saw my childhood friend
oh how happy i was to see her
we must finish catching up....

Oh my sweetie....
hello baby.....
how your day going....
I was just telling
one of my dearest
friends our true love story....
i just cant wait
to get home to you....
i'd be straight home
after the business meeting is through...
Aww...babe you'd be home late...
I'll be waiting baby....
love you...
ok my meeting has finished
maybe i can get hold of Re Re
No answer...
maybe i'll just hit town
and shop around...
for a sexy nightie
and surprise my honey....
guess who i see.....
Re Re ...Re Re
that must be her sweetie....
wow now i get to meet
her perfect he....
As she smiled gracefully
leaned in to give him a kiss....
they then turned my

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