Thursday, March 1, 2012

My First Born
She was a beauty with angel eyes
loved her dearly........
in my womb she was content.....
and protected.
Through my dreams after
the serpent disappeared...
Return a force
which stocked
my visions.
All i ever felt was the enemy.
I dreamed someone
was trying to kill my pride
and joy.....
before she was even born...
This enemy burned my
picture and rode by me
every morning just to wave....
she mocked and ridicule me
then laughed.....
she tried to ruin my future...
nightly as my dreams
continued !
It wouldn't break..
this curse she tried to give..
one day in the mist of fate
i began to drank
a chunk of glass
in my mouth began to break
but it didn't cut
me or i didn't swallow
we survived that ...
thank you my father...
It even went as far as me
walking in my sleep
as this last night i cried out
for my soul to keep
as this spirit crept and I'm
drawn in directions of deadly steps
i wept and cried god please wake me
my god please!
Wake me, please...
i began to tilt and moaned louder
then a touch on my shoulder my moms
hand ..she asked me what's wrong,
watcha doing !
I replied i don't
know,because her intervention
of my flesh she gripped ..
she save us from our very death...
that we approached..
at the edge of those steps!

All Rights Reserved Copyright © Kesha Murphy 2009

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