Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collaboration By/Teresa Moody
Kesha Finesse Murphy
Teresa Ware Moody
Endless Love

I truly believe that some things are meant to be
You are my shinning star,
forever, you will be in my heart,
It's your touch, when I feel bad,
It's your smile, when I feel mad,

I never thought that dreams come true,
Until the day that I found you,
In me you bring out the very best,
for this, I am truly blessed,

There is no way, I could ever seek,
Your love knocks me off my feet,
Forever I will love you, no matter what,
Forever I will love you, And I won't give up

Kesha Finesse Murphy

But i will give you endless love
this love can't be help..
the looks from your
eyes pierce my being
while my insides
on laying it on you...
your the man of
my dreams...
the ecstacy.....
in fantasy....
my love is flowin
heavier than blood
or a rivers flow.....
Baby i'm sorry but
my love will never end
and yours i'm never letting

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