Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collaboration by/Shequita Phillips
Kesha Finesse Murphy

Shequita Phillips
We love hard and strong

sometimes we give to much

In love but we can't help our feelings

sometimes we get overwhelmed with love

because its us
its deep in us to love

and sometimes we pay the

price for loving to strong

that it turns on us hurts us

make us feel low down or that

we not good enough to love

even though we give our all

we get the short end of the stick

trying to find ways to show him
that things will get better

trying to make him understand

that you care and love him but

he still miss treat you taking

everything you got that you

put into loving him so real and true

but our hearts in so much pain

and he can't see the pain in your eyes

so it hurts that bad leave and

never look back you don't

need to be treated like a door

mat or if you are a dog cause your not

you are a beautiful Queen

and you de sever better

Kesha Finesse Murphy

yea we loving so hard
can leave us quite bitter
so we queens must learn
to reconcider
and protect our feelings....
and stop
putting more
on us than we can bare...
we must learn to spare our own feeling
always giving
not receiving
or even being a mere
factual thought
in their mind.....
always dealing with
receivers ...
who truly are inconciderate
because their
first response is
that they didn't ask
for it......
so no one is
going to
be thankful or feel
sorry...so we must
stop feeling sorry for self!
and the love we give to
others give to self!!

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