Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collab by
Kesha Finesse Murphy
Author Dawn Desiree Banks

Halt Our Minds
End the illusion of lust
Form the mentality with trust …
From the soul of your partner
Lead his anger into wills for you to vanish
You’re a woman of worth before he tarnish’s
The value of your royalty

Kesha Murphy
because of his manipulations
he never promised
not to lay hands on me
when apologizing
Sometimes i just wish, i can levitate
thru the sky
damn times i wish i could learn to just cry
this build up is damaging
rage consuming me
now i'm maddening...
seeing all the twisted
throwing clause in faith......
now its saddening..

And lost in the blinding of love
He promised to treat me like he treated his mother
Now I know I was just another…
One of his punching bags, lost in the game of his tag
Damn I am tired of him wiping my blood with his rag
Trying to control the anger that is building inside me
Demanding he just fall asleep
and die right beside me
I don’t deserve this…
He doesn’t understand what all I have missed out on this
I gave him my heart, he tore it apart
I gave him my soul, when others would treat it like gold
But hell I am not going to question his fate
When it comes time; he will stand before mighty at the gate

Kesha Murphy
but true i'm a woman of God
and i know it's not right to think these thoughts
yes...but as find peace .......
he always find away to beat it out of me.....
i realize why ,i feel deprived.....
governed tactics..
of this surreal life........
aired on televisions..
had us blind in a dream like matter...
into livingTHIS LIFE would be
happily ever after..
planted within our spirit
a perfect picture
since we were kids........
finding a ....spouse and having kids..
with education,which guranteed work.....
they made life look of lavish
elders just told us ..
through it all with faith is all that matter....
now we've gained financial problems
frustration has kicked in....
and not just us anymore ..
we have two kids.....
no one told
him or i how to prepare
for this...
now i'm bleeding and wishing him dead.
from his beating his confusions in my flesh!

And still instead i call it my fault
Finding every reason not to “halt”
My sickening emotions; for the devil’s commotion
But can I really blame the devil for his given cultural spirit
As he was born in love; the almighty, his son the dearest
The whispers in my mind; he says I have to clear it
The television set has become his clearance
To blame…give excuses….calling out his name
Too late; he’s caught up in that state
The republican’s gold plate
Where his mind is full of hate
And he takes it out on me
Where he drank from the devil’s cup and cannot see
I am his targeted enemy
Following violent history
I am his slave lady
Where instead of whips and chains
He is my master; I am his fury
He say’s you gotta get a gun to kill me
And I swirm, and I cry
Asking God to be my alibi
But with God’s word I must abide
So I take a punch to the gut
A punch to the face; in the front
But when will I go…
because I know in the morning he is going to apologize

Kesha Murphy
instead of all the sorries....
and blames
we must learn to regroup
and bring our minds to a halt !

All Rights Reserved Copyright © Kesha Murphy
All Rights Reserved Copyright © Author Dawn Desiree Banks

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