Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collaboration by Kesha Finesse Murphy/Kevin Rhofiki Exile

Man Scorn

My brother my friend......
would I be wrong to say
this ...
which most would probaly say
they are tired of the same old song..
yes there is a God and he HEARS your call
as my love for you is real..
as his God's LOve........

i feel your pain
don't let their fate
intrude your way
regardless of all neglect and sorrow you
you must
take it seal it in zipped
documents ...
ship it to heaven
and let him handle it....
they have reaped their fate....
Listen to what I say.....
all regrets and hate one
must .....
not play into their
road laid...
which generational
elders destined
curse .. to their children
forget the problems
and Love yourself and
God loved you first.....
that's why your here
to lead and heal by example

Kevin Rhofiki Exile:
To be honest with you God
The devil consumed me with hatred,
anger, loneliness, and despair.
He deprived me not to succeed
when I knew right from wrong l
ike a immature being
getting crush by his whim of his weight.
Success was his goal to drive me
to the edge of doom
and succumb
to the negativity of nothingness.
Why do I feel deserted from you?

Kesha Finesse Murphy
King i can tell you he removed you
to heal your soul...
because if he'd left you
there, your flesh.....
them demons
would have continued
to manifest
and never let go
it's strong hold....
he had to allow you
your spiritual
because he had plans for you....
so he removed you from that abandoned place
such a place where your
so called presence was defamed.....
the God in you
couldn't be contained

Kevin Rhofiki Exile

Yes I know that I've came from a strange society
that nobody doesn't care for one another
but why didn't you select me to walk away from this place?
What is the main purpose of you sending me away?
Did I do something wrong?
Then I caught a revelation when
HE shot his arrow of hope, light,
and justice within my soul
and taught me the likeness of his word.
Now 4 months has gone by and being dunked
into the everlasting pool of SALVATION
now I can finally vouch that
I have the blood of Jesus in me.

Kesha Finesse Murphy

Indeed yes God is Real!!

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