Wednesday, March 7, 2012


King DangerousInc Judah


You remind me of a carnation

but you smell like a rose

You look like a portrait of wholesome love

you are the paint in the confines of my soul

Twirling me into the best of you

creating visions of you over again

strengthening my heart cords that was loose

making heaven on earth so true

You Vanilla spray that scent you so well

your gorgeous smiles lights up my moon

come dance with me to our melody

step into our spotlight slowly

How can I hold all this in side

how can the world be so blind

you stepped into my darkness closet

saw the unforgettable skeletons hanging

Dressed me to cover my bones

clothed me with your brand of love

washed me and made me clean again

nursed me to health and called human

Took the scabs off eyes

put knowledge in my mind

helped US build a home

I will bend over without you as my backbone

Now I know how to tie my own tie

lace my own black shoe

pull my pants up and walk up straight

I owe this awareness to a Queen such as you

You kiss is different now with passion

your touch has the grasp of a feather like a Dove

you laugh has birthed joy unspeakable

I call you one hell of a woman - I call you LOVE
Kesha Finesse Murphy

You my king like dream

that was being smothered

under cover....

now that we have found each other

that cover has diminished

and sheet has released....

and chance for your

soul to reveal yourself to me...

as i invision .....

you have lightened up.....

Control those skeletons

and don't lose yourself...

in progess.....

shine on... king shine on....

no one you

can controll...this throne..

if you slip i'd be happy to

cover yo bones....

because it is what i am

can't hide....

no where I Am Love....

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