Thursday, April 5, 2012

God's Gift From Above

Collab By Kesha Finesse Murphy/Revelationwriter..

The Greatest Gift From Above

Kesha Finesse Murphy

I met this man...
He is unique
Drawn to him
Attracted to him like a magnet
Around his presence...
Brings out the quality
Of my love.... My my my...
Just because......
His nature... Is magnificant...
Body phisique Excellent...
Eyes deep which has me Hypnotized..
He tends to awaken my Bedroom eyes...
Opening my eyes wide
For a love make...
With deliverence... Of his spiritual Healing...
As I massage his thoughts Through his locks..
And un'stagnant His memory....Love when I.. See...
He is really..
Intuned as our souls
Become one.....

Revelationwriter Thepropheticendtimepoet

As I seen the sun come up
from a long exhausting night a love making.
Spiritually breaking..
off strong holds
Tieing two souls into one
Closing my eyes and awakening
clutched trapped into her arms
starring deeply into her eyes
watching the reflection of me dancing
in motion in her pupils stimulates her mind.
drift back and forward slowly.
We make the world turn and flow at our pace..
as our hearts race..
we lock face to face until we meet the finish line.
She keeps me paralyze day in and day out hypnotized
with the very wind of her mouth.
When I blink she blinks and
when I think she thinks..
And when we kiss...
We create Love like no other
The doors of heaven opens....
The second I met her
I knew right then and there
I had a key to a new Heaven..

Kesha Finesse Murphy

Yes once we connected...
My father spoke to me from the heavens...
Our love is like no other..
Eyes caressing each others sight.
As I watch the roll of your tongue...
And fold of your bottom lip....
From our love high...
This oneness....
Is complete...
Because your life..
Love God has granted me....

Revelationwriter Thepropheticendtimepoet

Granted me...
to bare witness to this journey this
gold brick diamond in the rough
trip that flips me up side down
whenever I see u lower your eyes
and bite the bottom of your lip.
Lord knows that I am very grateful.
For the rain and every drop that it drips.
I want and will not ever let her go
not even if my heart says so
because she will forever have a hold
to my very soul.

Kesha Murphy/
Revelationwriter Thepropheticendtimepoet ©2012protected by

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