Sunday, March 4, 2012

collaboration by Kevin Rhofiki Exile/Kesha Finesse Murphy

Kevin Rhofiki Exile

I can't suffer from your hurt anymore.
The things you've done
was unbearing to hold in my heart.
Your love doesn't live here anymore.
The love you possess was tainted with negativity and lies.
The hatred I posses for you is scolding my thoughts,
my love for you, and my sanity.
I rather screw up alone then be
with a person who don't know me
and understand me.
You disowned me
like I was a figment of your imagination
like I never was born and sometimes
I feel like your the killer that murdered
my soul and never got convicted for it.

Kesha Finesse Murphy

I'm sorry my son....
i don't know what got
hold of me
i wish you could have instead
of shutting down
you would have told me
instead of me fading
you out...
i wished to make you proud
lots of times I mourn on my
insides i should have cried out loud....
i'm a man scorn
torn all up on the insides
but i never wanted to be cold
you are my pride and joy

All Rights Reserved Copyright © Kesha Murphy

Kevin Rhofiki Kevin Rhofiki Exile

I can't be the judge jury
nor the executioner of your crime
that you committed to a happy home.
I don't know why you feel
the way you feel about me.
Look into the damn mirror
and tell me what you see?
It's me!
I'm you as much as your me!
Are you blinded by the hatred that bestowed I'm you?
When I wake up
I'm your son, when I die I'm your son,
even when I'm locked up sentenced
to life I'm your DAMN son.
Hate cant describe tears
and the years you've abandoned me
disclaiming me like I was a "bad idea" to start with.
How dare you call yourself a father
leaving his child in the wilderness and getting
scold by the tyranny of the nothingness of society.
I'm bless to have you as a father
but I don't condone your character as a man.

Kesha Finesse Murphy

My God help me fix
i will wear the conviction...
just didn't know how to give it....
Love was never given to me ...
being a father was not my first priority....
it didn't fit into my identity....
i was a seed reaped from no man..
in my life my dad never appeared..
judge here are my hands
lock me up
and throw away the key
all i want for my son to do is forgive me..
I am sorry son!

All Rights Reserved Copyright © Kesha Murphy

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